We've been around for a long time, since 1999 as the internet was really beginning to catch on. Our first hosting service was called SQL Vision and specialized in Microsoft Windows hosting with SQL Server database capabilities.


In early 2002 we launched ChurchQuest.com - offering Christian web hosting and video streaming services to churches all over the world. We were, and remain today, the only Christian-owned web hosting company to offer such a full range of services to churches - not just church web hosting, but also live and on-demand worship and event streaming and business class email hosting and collaboration services.


We rebranded to MediaServe® in mid-2008, to emphasize our streaming services.


Finally, in 2013 we began working on branding our company and service with our last name, to emphasis the fact that we are family owned, traditional and conservative--the opposite of most of the service providers in our industry. We're still the same Christian-owned webhost--same original staff and ownership, devout Christians providing the church with economical Christian web hosting (powered by cPanel and CloudLinux), Wowza video streaming and enterprise email hosting service comparable with Hosted Exchange 2010.


Christian Web Hosting Comparsion


The following table lists other popular Christian-owned web hosting firms which have been around for years, as we have. Details of their Christian web hosting plans which come close to being equivalent to ours are provided. As you can see, Leaver & Co. offers unbeatable pricing and features!


  Storage Bandwidth E-mail Accounts Streaming option Offsite Backups Monthly Price
Leaver & Co. 25 GB 250 GB No Limit Yes! Yes! $8.00
ChristianWebHost.com 10 GB 100 GB 100 No No $9.95
TruePath.com 10 GB 50 GB 2000 No No $9.95
GraceNet.org 12 GB 20 GB 20 No No $10.95
OurChurch.com 6 GB 50 GB 500 No No $19.95
E-zekiel.com .4 GB 400 GB 20 No No $64.00


Visit our home page and see what we have to offer in addition to Christian web hosting, and please contact us if you have any questions!


Hosting from $5/mo

CloudLinux hosting on Enterprise level
redundant and secure servers.

cPanel Web Hosting

  • 5 GB RAID Storage Space
  • 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Instant setup + cPanel
  • Offsite Backups

Streaming from $25/mo

Live and On-Demand Media Streaming
at unbeatable prices.

Wowza Streaming

  • Icecast/Wowza Streaming
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Compatible
  • No Viewer Limits
  • No Bitrate Limits

Enterprise Email from $10/mo

All the features of Hosted Exchange
for a fraction of the cost!

Enterprise Email

  • Outlook Integration
  • Apple Mail/iCal Integration
  • ActiveSync Push Email
  • Email Archiving Available